School History


Greater Boston Academy History

In the fall of 1914 the Everett church school began with thirteen students in the basement of the Universalist Church, on Broadway, Everett, MA.


In 1916 the school was not able to continue in its present location and so another piece of property was searched for. A large house at 25 Parker Street, Malden, was found. Enrollment had increased to twenty-eight.

By 1920 attendance had grown to fifty nine as reported by the principal Wilber Armstrong. Previously, the school was operated by the Malden and Everett Churches which had recently merged, but by then practically all of the churches in the greater Boston area had taken an active interest in the school and its improvement, so it was renamed the ‘Greater Boston Intermediate School’. Grades nine and ten were added this year which had made necessary an increase in the faculty. Three teachers were now employed.


In 1924 the Boston Intermediate School was moved to the Boston Temple Church, and was held in two large rooms in the church, located at that time on the corner of Warren Avenue and W. Canton St.

In 1940 the Boston Temple Church was sold and the school was moved to 325 Harvard St., Cambridge, in a large house converted to classrooms.


In 1944, under the leadership of pastor Norval F. Pease, the Boston Temple Junior Academy, as it had become known, became a senior academy with the name Greater Boston Academy. Richard J. Hammond was its first principal. The high school enrollment during its first year as a 12 grade school was 39, and was served by a faculty of four.

In 1946 the school was again moved, this time to 415 Newberry St., Boston. Grades one through eight became the Robert W. Hall School.

In 1965 Greater Boston Academy moved to Stoneham on the grounds of Boston Regional Medical Center (BRMC). After the bankruptcy of BRMC the school was forced to move.


In June 2000 the academy relocated to the grounds of Edgewood Elementary at 108 Pond Street in Stoneham MA where it is currently located.


In February 2009 the combined Edgewood School/Greater Boston Academy was voted to be now known as Greater Boston Academy.


Edgewood Elementary History


Edgewood had its beginning as the Stoneham Seventh-day Adventist School in one classroom on the grounds of the New England Sanitarium and Hospital in approximately 1927. In 1936 the school expanded to two classrooms and moved to the corner of Pond and Summer Streets as the church school for the newly formed Stoneham Church.


Enrollment continued to increase. In 1944 the Stoneham church purchased the old South School on Gerry Street from the Town of Stoneham. The four spacious classrooms were adequate until the expansion of New England Memorial Hospital in 1966-1969 brought many new Seventh-day Adventist families to the area.


Recognizing the need for larger quarters, the Stoneham and New England Memorial Hospital churches joined together to build the present school. The first full year in the new building at 108 Pond Street was 1970-71.


In 1975 the school took a new distinctive name: Edgewood School of Seventh-day Adventists. It stands as a memorial to the dedicated churches whose members believe in Christian Education.


In 2000 due to the closure of Boston Regional Medical Center and the loss of its facility on that campus, Greater Boston Academy joined Edgewood in the building at 108 Pond Street.