Financial Aid


Family Discounts


Families with more than one child attending Greater Boston Academy will receive a tuition discount as follows:
2 or more children – 5% discount each


Prepayment Discount

A 5% discount will be applied when the full year’s tuition is paid in advance (by August 16 of current school year).


Referral Discount


Any student that fully enrolls in the 5th grade or higher, referred by you, will grant you a $150.00 discount.


Secondary Education Trust Funds (SET funds)


Each GBA student whose parent is a member of a Southern New England Conference church is eligible for a subsidy from the SET funds. This subsidy comes in two payments, one in December and one in April. The amount varies, depending on the number of students who apply. Please note that an application must be completed twice each year in order to receive these funds.


3-Way Matching Fund


The Southern New England Conference (SNEC) has made provision to grant student aid funds to all qualified Pre K-12 students attending SNEC Elementary Schools and Academies who might otherwise be deprived of a Christian education. Once the local church board, based on the standard Southern New England Conference application for needy students (completed each semester), decides if the student’s family is in need of student aid funds, the church clerk should send the application to the Conference Treasurer, along with a check for the church’s share. Once approved by the Conference, a check covering the Conference portion and the church portion will be forwarded to the school for credit to the student’s account. These scholarship funds are paid twice each year, toward the end of each semester (during the months of November and April). Upon receiving these funds, the business office will credit its portion of student aid to the student’s account. The application deadlines are October 31 and March 31 for the first and second semesters respectively. Application forms are available at the Business Office.


Greater Boston Academy Scholarship/Student Financial Aid


This is a need-based scholarship/financial aid awarded by the school. This fund is available to all qualified Pre K-12 students. To apply for this scholarship, you will need to complete the GBA Student Financial Aid Application form and submit a copy of the most recent family income tax return. No financial aid will be awarded outside of this process. For more information, please contact the Business Office.