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Greater Boston Academy is a co-educational private Christian School for students in Preschool to 12th grade. Our mission is to educate students to achieve their best through putting God first. The school and its staff is approved and accredited by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Board of Regents through the North American Division Commission on Accreditation.


GBA has a diverse student population. Situated between urban and rural, the school attracts students from many different areas. Both the students and faculty enjoy the mixture of cultures and backgrounds.


Through a total school program, GBA wants its graduates to have begun a life-long education. Confident and capable, they can face the challenges of the future with enthusiasm, purpose and faith.


May 22 : Outdoor School —required school day 11am to 3pm

May 30 : Memorial Day—No School

June 1-3: Semester Exams Grade 12

June 7-9 : Semester Exams grades 9-11

June 8 : 8th grade graduation

June 10 : Last Day of School

June 10 : End of 4th quarter/2nd semester

June 11-12 : 12th grade graduation